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$1    v  Spiritual gather in the name of saint Selama (Saint Selama self help association ); we spread the teachings of the Bible in Ethiopia, Eritrea and in all other      countries. 

$1   v  Taking care of people with HIV and preaching gospel to them,

$1   v  Celebrating feasts of the church all together with out partiality and providing food, giving love and create bondage by supporting to each other. 

$1   v  To look after people in bed suffering with different diseases in their home or hospital by giving care and comforting them by teaching them the words of God. 

$1   v  To help churches and monasteries in need of many things such as labour, projects for rebuilding, funds and by every possible way.

$1   v  We make tour and visits for blessings and offer them help in protecting their properties. 



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Bible Quote

 readings " Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

              ዮሓ 1Co 4:15

በኣባ ሳሙኤል የቀረቡ መፃህፍትና ቪቺዲዎች

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stanthony"ለእግዚኣብሄር ከወንድምህ በላይ ውደደው ለወንድምህ ደሞ ከነፍስህ በላይ ውደደው"   ኣባ ይስሓቕ ሶርያዊ

ካባቶች ምክር

stanthony"ኣንዲት የክፋት ቃል ለመልካም ሰው ክፉ ታደርገዋለች፥ ኣንዲት መልካም ቃል ግን ለ ክፉ ሰው መልካም ታደርገዋለች።"    ኣባ መቃርዮስ 

saying fathers

stanthony"If then we have angels, let us be sober, as though we were in the presence of tutors; for there is a demon present also."   John Chryssostom

saying of fathers

stanthony"Let books be your dining table, / And you shall be full of delights. / Let them be your mattress,/And you shall sleep restful nights"   Ephraim the Syrian


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